We are a group of knitters of all skill levels from around the Annapolis, MD area. Our meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month from 7-9PM on the 7th floor of the Belcher Pavilion at Anne Arundel Medical Center (AAMC). We are very grateful to AAMC for providing such a great meeting space for us. New members and visitors are welcome to attend a meeting and hopefully join us. Dues are $25 annually and support speakers and activities throughout the year. At every meeting we share our current projects and knitting needles and yarn are usually in our hands.

Check our our Ravelry group ...SOUTH RIVER KNITTING GUILD to see what members have been knitting. More information about us in the posts below.

Friday, September 6, 2013

South River Knitting Guild

Currently SRKG members contribute knitting time and effort supporting charity projects:
           * Tiny hats for the AAMC Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
 We are asked to follow this hat pattern  precisely; the hat is knitted flat and can easily be worked in the round, too.  We use our own new or stash yarn for these.

          * Scarves with a touch (or more) of pink for the AAMC Breast Center 
The design or pattern is chosen by the knitter and uses new or stash yarn.

         * Knitted Knockers for the AAMC Breast Center.  This is a new project for 2013; as we complete them we will post pictures.  The pattern and information about this project is at http://knittedknockers.info/

Every year we choose a group project in which many of our members participate for inclusion in the Silent Auction of the AAMC Foundation Annual Fundraising Gala.  Some of our recent contribution have been:
  •  Patchwork sampler afghans                 

  • Heart Pillows (The Gala focus that year was cardiology.)
    •  Layettes for a baby girl and a baby boy

Our programs include learning new knitting techniques and Knit-Alongs using the same pattern with our individual twists.  Here are some of our efforts.
  •  We learned to draft and knit from silk caps and hankies....decadent!

  • Our Felt Clogs (Fiber Trends) were a lot of fun; they kept our feet warm through our snowy winter.

  • Another Knit-Along was Nature Speak Knits' "RAVENELI"; a fun jacket or vest knit in the round with a circular, big shawl-type collar. Lots of Noro, run with dk and worsted solid colors, Malabrigo, tripled dks in lots of combos! (Thanks Jeanne!)

  •   The E. Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket project was a big success! They all turned out great and each very different! A BIG Thanks to Kellie Nuss !

  •   "FROM THE TOP"; Nature Speak Knit's top-down, set-in sleeve crew neck pullover. They are "looking marvelous!!!".(Again... Thanks Jeanne!

Lots of Noro (Silk Garden, Kureyon, Sakura), Ellen's Half Pint Silk/Mohair, Manos Del Uruguay, Debbie Bliss Silk Road Aran, Malibrigo, Stonehedge .... the results are stunning!

Interested in finding out more about us?  Email your questions to 

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Knitting Yogini said...

Our group knit-along of Jeanne's Top-Down Set-in Sleeve sweater was a blast! And by the way, this sweater is the best-fitting, easiest to knit sweater I've ever done. Plus, it took fewer skeins of yarn than I normally use (it is cropped) – just under 10 skeins of Noro Kuryeon - and I think I finished it in around 2 weeks of evening knitting. Easy and fun - and with the random self-striping in the Kuryeon it looks as if I’ve knit a sunset. OK, Jeanne, what will you design for us to knit-along on next!